How To Avoid Getting Banned On A Dating Website Community

Hi there,

I have got a very bothering question from different people about their inability to find love or date on many awesome dating websites they get into.

And today, I am going to take you by the hand and make sure you do not get kicked out again 🙂

In my experience with dating websites, there are certain fundamentals you must follow to keep your account ever green. Everything I tell you here are the things that helped me personally, they may not be all you need to know.

4 Rules That Kept Me On Different Dating Communities And Never Got Banned

1. Device Used For Account Registration

I know you may not likely understood that the device you make use of on a dating site matters. This should not be though, but it does!

Some dating communities love users who are on mobile, and not on computer. Some others prefer users who are on computer and not on mobile.

Either way, if you are using a device they do not like, then your account is going to be flagged faster than you can ever imagine especially if you violate any rule –  no matter how small you may think it is.

So, best practice is to signup from the device they support and you can later login from other devices you prefer using in you house or office.

2. Profile Authenticity (Images and description)

The providers of the dating community like to match real people, with real identity. And the best way to show that you are truely human is by using clear shot images. No one likes to stress himself/herself to see what your face looks like, or what the color of your cloth is.

So, please avoid using bluredimages a profile pictures. In my opinion, taking nice shots from the camera of your phone is the best. Computer lenses may not give you the best quality at all times.

Also write a bit about yourself => your name, your occupation, and your hobbies. You can write more, and even link your ocial media profiles…but these are the basic requirements.

Hope this helps 🙂

3. Account Upgrade

Every dating community is monetized in one way or another. Most of the time, it could be called “account upgrade” or “credit”. If you are not willing to upgrade your account, you may have a very limited experience in communication.

This is not usually a problem, unless you try to play smart.

If you have exhausted your limit for a day or week, I advise that you upgrade your membership access or just wait for the next day or week.

Trying to ask users to chat you via another media or email could send a red flag on your account and get you knocked away.

4. Location (IP Address of Registration)

This is one of the most crucial, after the device of registration. Dating communities like specific countries on their platform.

Some dating communities have different websites for different locations. For instance, “Dating Site A” can have .com for US, Canada, have for UK and countries in Europe, and have .au for Australa.

So, the best is to ensure that you are on the right website for your country before registering a new account.

If for any reason you are looking to hook up with people in a country that is not allowed, then the best is that you use a premium VPN service.

Here are VPN Services I recommend for unlocking any dating site.


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